Belly Dancing to Recover From Cancer Treatment

A breast-cancer survivor’s unlikely therapy for people looking to return to life before chemo

The Refugee Elected President

In Charlottesville, Virginia, one class president’s journey through American public education exemplifies a national debate.


From Game of Thrones to The Witch, 2016 was packed with hypercompetent teen girl antiheroes

TV and movies were packed full of young women taking charge of their lives — often bloodily.

Stranger Things’ monster is terrifying. It’s also a distraction from the show’s true villains.

Critical focus on the show's 1980s homages comes at the cost of ignoring its larger sci-fi influences.


'BoJack Horseman' Offers One of the Best Portrayals of Adoptees on TV

In its fourth season, Netflix’s "BoJack Horseman" tackles adoption with nuance and a characteristic knack for bucking stereotypes.


Exploring Richmond's Underground Music Scene

The city’s network of DIY venues has carved out a space for people to connect, fostering a resilient creative community.

A Gathering of the Zines

The seventh annual DC Zinefest showcases a growing community of indie publishers.


The True Jewel Of HBO's 'The Young Pope' Is On Display In D.C.

The Papal Tiara of Paul VI is in mint condition and open to visitors at the Catholic Basilica in Brookland.


Q&A: Deliberations Brings a Fresh Format to True Crime

An interview with Chelsea Cox, a first-time podcaster who is bringing a semi-scripted show to audioBoom's new wave of original content.


Pacific Northwest Stories’ “Rabbits” combines mystery and gamer nostalgia

A look at the highs and lows of Pacific Northwest Stories' latest show.


Both Richmond and Charlottesville eye the future of their Confederate monuments

As the national debate over Confederate statues rages on, Charlottesville considers how new memorials commemorating enslaved laborers, a victim of lynching, and a historic African American community can inscribe new narratives on the landscape.

Local teens lobby for refugee rights

Cover story for C-VILLE Weekly, Charlottesville's alt-weekly newspaper. I traced the stories of three local high school students as they reacted to the results of the 2016 election at school, reflected on their international backgrounds, and grew as activists.


Malena Magnolia’s Eco-Friendly Street Art and Activism

An outspoken artist is fighting injustice, one clay stencil at a time.


Why Startups Need More People Over 50

Older workers offer a wealth of experience and other skills that are still in high demand. (Ghostwriting)

4 Ways for Entrepreneurs To Recharge Without Losing Focus

Next time you have to make a big decision, stop. Breathe. Take a nap. Or head to the nearest snack stand. (Ghostwriting)


'Elf' Is Right About Maple Syrup On Spaghetti

Turns out maple syrup isn't half bad in a faux carbonara!


Sorry, the last thing adoptees need is strangers’ cuddles

A viral BuzzFeed story about "baby cuddlers" ignored critical details about the vulnerability of kids in the adoption process. 


Charlottesville, Albemarle schools embrace refugee students

Third Place, Best Online Feature Writing, Virginia Press Association.

Summer computer academy expands diversity

In 2014, CoderDojo took steps toward including more girls, English as a Second Language students, and those who don't have computers at home.