• Fast, effective research from carefully vetted sources

  • Database management for large research-based projects

  • Creative problem-solving to track down elusive information

Case Study: Primetime (Vox, 2019)

A podcast about the intersection of presidential history and television

  • Lead researcher for a new podcast

  • Produced 300+ pages of exploratory research supporting the podcast’s first season

  • Provided thoughtful analysis, including the thesis for ep. 3 (“The Fictional Presidencies of Hillary Clinton”)

emily primetime.jpg

world in a grain.jpeg

Case Study: The World in a Grain (Penguin Random House, 2018)

A nonfiction book about global impact of sand mining

  • Fact checking and research assistant for an in-depth reported book

  • 10-15 hours/week of dedicated assistance

  • Logistics support, including travel and database management