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I am currently available for freelance research, fact checking, and copy editing. 

Whether you're a small business owner developing compelling content for your website; a journalist in search of an assistant who can pick up tasks with speed and smarts; or an academic with an unruly database to manage, I'm available to help (weekends and evenings).

Interested in working with me? Please use the form here to send a short description of your project and deadline.


The Deadly Global War for Sand

Vince Besier | Random House

Expanding on a 2014 story for WIRED, award-winning journalist Vince Beiser is currently writing a book for Penguin-Random House about the deadly global war for the world’s most important yet most overlooked commodity: sand. By investigating sand's many manifestations in the modern world--including glass, silicon chips, beaches, concrete, and more--Beiser's reporting explores the consequences of a sand mining industry that has largely gone unchecked. 

I currently assist with a number of editorial tasks, from fact checking tips to obtaining research materials to database management. I also assist with light administrative work including planning travel and maintaining Beiser's website.  

Black Leaders on Leadership

Phyllis Leffler and Julian Bond | Palgrave Macmillan

Between 2000 and 2014, Julian Bond and Phyllis Leffler interviewed more than fifty African American leaders, using a set of core questions to examine black leadership in America. The interview series evolved into a digital video archive and an accompanying book that synthesized the interviews, probing themes of gender, career decisions, law, business, and more.  

Over the course of three months in 2013, I copy edited and fact checked 47 transcripts of hour long interviews with African American leaders (totaling over 600,000 words). I also developed conventions for punctuating nonverbal communication such as pauses and sighs, a crucial round of editing that ensured consistency across all web copy.